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Goodbye, America


Well, this is it.

At 5:40 P.M. today my plane for Bosnia is taking off. Then, for the first time in my life (since I turned 13) I will be going on a two-week hiatus from all technology. It’s a radical challenge proposed by the team leader, Nat.

I’ll be posting pictures of the trip and giving a very detailed description of what went on during these two weeks sometime after July 2nd.

I think it makes sense to say that I feel sick. I feel terrified and excited and nervous all at once. So… that’s all. And, just ┬áin case something unexpected happens and I never write on this laptop again.. I love you. Even if I’ve never met you, I love you.


Please pray…

Safety on the trip to Bosnia

Open hearts (for both my team, myself, and the Bosnians)

That my team would be so heavenly minded that we do all the earthly good we can do

That God is glorified


Hello, friends!


If you have come to this site, it’s for one of two reasons:

1) I invited you on facebook, and you clicked the link.

2) You stumbled upon this by chance (lucky you)

Either way… welcome! I’ll give you the quick scoop of the purpose of this blog. Basically, I’m spending six months in Prague and two weeks in Bosnia. After having so many people begging to be put on an email list, I’ve deemed it to be easier to just blog about it and pass around the link. Problem solved. So, here I am. I hope to write at least once every other week. Once a week would be nice, but I’m not sure how much time I’ll have.

I’ll be blogging pictures, stories, and even some personal things that my friends might find interesting to learn. I’ll be in need of a lot of prayer. (If you’ve stumbled upon this, here’s your Christian pre-warning. Be prepared to see the names Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit; hear a ton about prayer and the gospel; and have a chance to read the point-of-view from a God-loving girl. If you hate that type of stuff–run now. I welcome you to stick around, but you have been warned.) So be ready!

I’m so happy you’re joining me on this grand adventure!


Please pray for…

support while I’m on my own at the Prague Film School;

my family that I will be staying with before that, for two months;

the Bosnia mission trip, for prepared people and my prepared heart