Goodbye, America


Well, this is it.

At 5:40 P.M. today my plane for Bosnia is taking off. Then, for the first time in my life (since I turned 13) I will be going on a two-week hiatus from all technology. It’s a radical challenge proposed by the team leader, Nat.

I’ll be posting pictures of the trip and giving a very detailed description of what went on during these two weeks sometime after July 2nd.

I think it makes sense to say that I feel sick. I feel terrified and excited and nervous all at once. So… that’s all. And, just  in case something unexpected happens and I never write on this laptop again.. I love you. Even if I’ve never met you, I love you.


Please pray…

Safety on the trip to Bosnia

Open hearts (for both my team, myself, and the Bosnians)

That my team would be so heavenly minded that we do all the earthly good we can do

That God is glorified


About TheStoryteller

I am not a tourist. I do not travel to see the sites or experience the traps. I do not spend money for souvenirs. I do not wear sunscreen, socks with sandals, Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirts, binoculars, a camera, a visor, or a fanny pack. I am the anti-tourist. I travel for culture and growth. I eat the food of the country, no matter how strange or foreign. I embrace the traditions, study the history, and love on those who welcome me with open arms. Even the ones who don't. This is the blog that follows my travels from Bosnia na Herzegovina to the Czech Republic to South Korea and beyond. Maybe you'll learn a few tips along the way. Maybe not. Whatever the reason you are here… It's nice to meet you!

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    • Thank you! And Chremotic is a word that I made up waaaay back in middle school. It’s a short for “CHRistian-EMO-romanTIC.” It takes my three biggest traits and turns it into my own descriptive word. I’m a Christian. I’m extremely emotional (or passionate). I’m a hopeless romantic. 🙂

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