A rainy day


Before I begin this post, may I just say that I am thoroughly annoyed with this internet. At least, I’m pretty sure it’s the internet, seeing as I’ve never used this before. But, anyway, the reason for my annoyance is because I cannot see the words I am typing. The screen is completely white, and in order to know what I am saying, I need to highlight it so the white words can show through.

Anyway…today has been a marvelous day in Prague. Let’s begin with a late morning (I consider 8:40 to be sleeping in). Then I had a great breakfast of toast with cream cheese and ham, also some beans. The parents went out to a conference, so I was able to help watch the kids while I watched my favorite show, Downton Abbey. Family returned, we made tortillas from scratch, filled them with tatziki(?), lettuce, cucumber, cheese, and chicken. After that I was free do do whatever, so I took the bus to the gym (only to get caught in the rain. My clothes are still soaking. Yay for wet jeans), and had an hour workout session. I am now enjoying a nice cup of Japanese Sencha green tea in a cafe right above the gym. Relaaaaaxing!! I’ll head to the grocery store next for some needed food articles and then head home for dinner. (By the way, my Czech mom cooks EVERYTHING from scratch. Talk about yummy! Don’t be too jealous. ;P )


About TheStoryteller

I am not a tourist. I do not travel to see the sites or experience the traps. I do not spend money for souvenirs. I do not wear sunscreen, socks with sandals, Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirts, binoculars, a camera, a visor, or a fanny pack. I am the anti-tourist. I travel for culture and growth. I eat the food of the country, no matter how strange or foreign. I embrace the traditions, study the history, and love on those who welcome me with open arms. Even the ones who don't. This is the blog that follows my travels from Bosnia na Herzegovina to the Czech Republic to South Korea and beyond. Maybe you'll learn a few tips along the way. Maybe not. Whatever the reason you are here… It's nice to meet you!

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