First sauna experience


Picture this: It’s a reserved American girl’s first time going to a sauna at the local gym. She’s prepared for the worst–a hot room full of naked women. False. Upon arriving, she finds that the only sauna there is a shared sauna between men and women. (Inner thoughts: “OK. This really isn’t that bad. At least that guy is getting out. Oh no… he’s getting IN!”) A veeeeery LARGE man then proceeds to remove his speedo, put on the sauna sheet, and enter into the sauna. (“Get a hold of yourself, Kristyna! This is Europe. Pretend to be European!”) She goes into the shower, changes into the sauna towel, takes a gulp, and then walks into the VERY HOT SAUNA. The very large man is sitting right in front of the door, in all of his naked glory. Girl looks up, glad for the heat to hide her tomato-red face, and walks to the opposite corner. She sits down, looks at the wall, closes her eyes, anywhere but at the man. She–obviously–stays covered. Very much like an American girl would in this situation. About five minutes later, the man stands, removes his towel, and stands at the door, probably taking a minute to have some fun causing the girl in the corner to suffer more embarrassment–and then leaves.

Nothing else to say except, WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! I feel as if I have been initiated into the European lifestyle. As soon as I noticed him removing his bathing suit (or lack thereof) in the shower area (which is also shared) outside of the sauna, I averted my eyes… and just in time. Praise God for speed!


About TheStoryteller

I am not a tourist. I do not travel to see the sites or experience the traps. I do not spend money for souvenirs. I do not wear sunscreen, socks with sandals, Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirts, binoculars, a camera, a visor, or a fanny pack. I am the anti-tourist. I travel for culture and growth. I eat the food of the country, no matter how strange or foreign. I embrace the traditions, study the history, and love on those who welcome me with open arms. Even the ones who don't. This is the blog that follows my travels from Bosnia na Herzegovina to the Czech Republic to South Korea and beyond. Maybe you'll learn a few tips along the way. Maybe not. Whatever the reason you are here… It's nice to meet you!

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