Cookies and Beyond!


So to start off with, I did not burn down the house. I know. Amazing, right? However, because my family here didn’t have measuring cups of any kind (except for a liquid one) I had to go with, “ehh,” measurements. (Meaning. “I don’t know if this is exact but… ehh, it really doesn’t matter, right?”) So, the cookies ended up flat, chewy, REEEEALLY sweet, and super chocolaty! Instead of using semi-sweet chips (since they don’t have chips here) I used milk chocolate Milka bars. Three of them. Much less to say, it was almost impossible to save two of the 24 I made for the Mr. of the house. (I have no clue how to spell his name, but it sounds like Vlasteek…)  The picture to the right is of Josephine (Jojo, as well call her) with her first plate of cookies. She actually had 4, I think. She came down twice to sneak some more, despite the scoldings.

I’ve been into the city a few times. I must say that it is the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to! It has so much art and personality in it that I sometimes struggle with what to take pictures of. These first two are of The Dancing House. (For more official information and better pictures from ALL angles, visit this website.) It’s beautifully created and artistically designed. Actually, my new bosom friend, Johanna, and I came across it completely by accident! I just called her up and said, “Hey, you should explore with me today!” She said, “sure!” And asked where we were headed. I told her the traditional: that I had no clue whatsoever, but wherever we
went, we’d end up somewhere fantastic. Look what stepped in our path! I had seen pictures about this building all over the internet whenever I looked up Prague. What a treat to come across it in real life.



The last four were taken on a tram down from Petřín Hill. The smart thing to do would have been to take the tram to the top. That would have taken about 3 minutes. I did the Kristyna thing and suggested we walk to the top, climbing the numerous stares, and almost passing out along the way. (Note to the smarter… bring powerade or gatorade. Sometimes water just isn’t enough.) And we took the tram down just because silly little me doesn’t like to get wet, and it had begun sprinkling outside. Not even raining. Sprinkling. Let’s just say I got my exercise and keep it at that.

Seeing at it’s so late, I’ll put a stop to this post here. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Prague is truly magnificent, and it even takes away my breath when I walk down the back roads, free from tourists. (After all, I am the Anti-tourist.) I also had my hair cut by a man who’s traveled the world! It’s probably the most expensive haircut that I will ever have. I didn’t know the full price util he finished the cut. I thought I’d done my research, but apparently not enough. Otherwise, my hair looks fabulously Czech! 



 Oh, all right… you can see my new haircut —>  

About TheStoryteller

I am not a tourist. I do not travel to see the sites or experience the traps. I do not spend money for souvenirs. I do not wear sunscreen, socks with sandals, Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirts, binoculars, a camera, a visor, or a fanny pack. I am the anti-tourist. I travel for culture and growth. I eat the food of the country, no matter how strange or foreign. I embrace the traditions, study the history, and love on those who welcome me with open arms. Even the ones who don't. This is the blog that follows my travels from Bosnia na Herzegovina to the Czech Republic to South Korea and beyond. Maybe you'll learn a few tips along the way. Maybe not. Whatever the reason you are here… It's nice to meet you!

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