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Apples for all occasions


A few days ago, a friend of the family decided to drop off some of her best, freshly-picked summer apples. Three whole crates of them. For several meals now we have had delicious, small apples. They’re kind of like Granny Smiths, but smaller, and Czech. 🙂

So for breakfast I decided to have a healthy, apple-friendly breakfast. I stewed some apples! And it was deeelish (meaning delicious, but better than that, so deserving of a shortening of the word and a plethora of “e”s).  I have to give props to one of my new favorite blogs, Stone Soup. You see, the night before, I had many ideas going through my mind of how to enjoy these apples for breakfast. I wanted cereal, so after doing a Google search on “apples in cereal,” this site came up. (The recipe is in the link, and you won’t lose my page by clicking it, as it should pop up in another window/tab.)

For breakfast I had my Fit cereal with yogurt, stewed apples, and honey drizzled across the top. Yum!! It was so good that I had to share this new experience right away. It’s easy. {Side note: the girls are currently singing about not having chicken for lunch and instead celebrating a birthday. Don’t ask. Just laugh. It’s the cutest thing!}

Today I will teach the girls how to make chocolate chip cookies. I know. I know. You’re probably thinking one of two things:

1) They don’t have chocolate chip cookies there?! REALLY?? (Yes, they do. However, they’re only bought in a store. They’ve never actually baked them for themselves.)


2) You? You’re going to teach them how to bake cookies? You? Teach? HAH! What a joke! Don’t burn down the house! (Yes, I know my skills with the oven don’t quite make it to expert cookie maker yet. Just use this chance to grow in your prayer life and pray for me, the house, the cookies, and the health of the girls after we eat the cookies.)

Or you’re thinking both. Otherwise, we’ll spend the day cleaning and having the time of our lives, singing off key, making the house pretty, and blessing their mom in the ways she deserves.